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  • Situated at the centre of the economic triangle of Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan
  • 30 min away from the upcoming International Airport
  • Well connected by rail. Nearby stations include Dombivli, Diva and Kopar Central Rail),
    Vashi (Harbour Rail) and Nilje (Diva-Panvel line)
  • 45 min drive from South Mumbai (via the Eastern Freeway)

A city closer to the world.

Situated at the centre of the golden triangle of Navi Mumbai, Thane and Kalyan; Dombivli is the next realty hotspot.

MMRDA has proposed a new road between Airoli and Dombivli, to bring Dombivli closer to the heart of Mumbai. The Kalyan - Shil Road is also being developed into a 6-lane highway and a monorail project is being developed in Dombivli, to improve connectivity, infrastructure and residential growth of this region.

With these developments, Dombivli will bring the whole world, comfortably within your grasp. With presence of global schools, world-class university, well-planned business districts, shopping hubs and entertainment zones; Dombivli is all set to become the epicentre for educational, economic and entertainment opportunities.

Dombivli Station: 15 min | Kopar Station: 10 min | Thane: 30 min

Mumbai: 45 min | Navi Mumbai’s upcoming International Airport: 30 min

Mumbai CST (via train): 72 min | Vashi (via train): 40 min | Thane (via train): 25 min